Presentation Skills | Effective Communication


Bespoke Communication Programmes

Refreshing and positive approach – gave me the confidence to improve my style
— Jan Gregory, Ernst & Young


  • Learn how to control your nerves and deliver a natural, personable performance
  • Create a process for planning and delivering high impact sales documents, business cases and presentations
  • Utilise the full range of your voice to punctuate your performance and emphasise key points 
  • Enhance your reputation and become a trusted advisor in your area of expertise for both colleagues and customers




Coaching can be necessary in more than one area, with required support varying in both intensity and duration. Many executives, senior managers and professionals know that being more confident and capable of conveying a succinct, memorable message would improve prospects and yet they have a broad range of problem points to overcome.


Bespoke Communication Programmes are fundamentally designed by you. We recognise that your needs are unique and realise that time is your most precious asset. An à la carte mix of our core effective communication and presentation skills courses allows us to deliver a programme that works on the areas you choose and is wholly defined by your personal success criteria.

Whether you present frequently on a large or small scale, internally to project teams and advisory groups or simply anticipate increased demands of you in terms of sales presentations and public speaking, we can work with you on a one-to-one basis, in a small group or across a whole division.

Method: Your presentation skills course can be designed over time around your work commitments or geared towards a specific event. It can be delivered on-site, at our dedicated coaching studio or at a combination of both. Prior to the programme, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your objectives and starting abilities to properly inform the approach, which can include any or all of the following:

  • Personal Coaching: A given number of personal meetings over a specific period of time. Each session builds on your existing skillset and brings something new to the preparation and delivery of your business presentations
  • Phone/Email/Video Coaching: Keep in touch with us via phone, email or Skype to raise any on-going questions, discuss specific situations or analyse recent performances
  • Accompanied coaching: Given reasonable notice we can personally accompany you to special events, helping with the preparation and delivery of key performances
  • YouRecall: Access our online learning and delivery platform as a registered user. This can be used solely for message reinforcement or as part of a wider e-learning roll out plan. The duration of access is flexible

This combination of individual meetings, accompanied coaching and distance learning is designed to help you develop the habits necessary for effective communication through sales presentations and achieve excellence in public speaking engagements.