Rockwell Collins | Client Case Study

Building brand credibility in a new technologically demanding market


Rockwell Collins is an American multinational company providing avionics and IT systems and services to government agencies, aircraft manufacturers and airlines. In-flight entertainment (IFE) is growth area. Passenger cabin services (such as IFE) help airlines distinguish their brand, improve their service and sell additional services. IFE equipment can be fitted when aircraft are manufactured (a process called ‘line-fit’), or reto-fitted to aircraft already in service. As a provider of aircraft cockpits, Rockwell Collins is well represented in the line-fit market. Servicing the retro-fit market is challenging, as rapidly developing technology influences passengers’ tastes.

Rockwell Collins is keen to be seen as a leading light in the IFE market and has made substantial investments in acquiring niche suppliers to the industry. The company supports many industry interest groups and their associated conferences and is keen to explain its approach to this rapidly changing and complex market.

 Rockwell Collins-case-study

Active Presence produced a scripted presentation that far exceeded my expectations. It blows people away. I am now in demand as a speaker at leading industry conferences, which gives me a great platform to promote the company’s activities
— Mark Taylor, Director, In-Flight Communications


Active Presence created a unique, scripted presentation for use at a major industry conference and provided training to the presenter at our dedicated training studio.

The project comprised three stages: a discovery stage, production stage, and training stage. The discovery stage was conducted by interviewing the client and recording the interview to video. This provided the production stage with a reliable and easily accessible base from data to which reference could be made without further disturbing the client.

The concepts Rockwell Collins wanted to get across were new and complex. Active Presence had to be very creative and produce a presentation which related the new concepts to experiences familiar to the conference audience.

Active Presence produced a full scripted presentation and narrated training video, in addition to proving the conference speaker with one-to-one presentation skills and stage craft training.


  • The conference was a huge success for Rockwell Collins. The speaker has been invited to present at other prestigious events (for example, the Farnborough Airshow).

  • Rockwell Collins contribution to the IFE market has been recognised by Norwegian Air Shuttle which awarded the company a major IFE contract.