Delivering complex presentations to demanding clients?

We make engaging presentations that close more business, with less time, money and stress. Ask yourself, "Can I afford to be without..."

"Active Presence improved the close rates of Mercer's USA sales teams by 25%-50%."
John Read, Partner.

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How you can use engaging presentations to boost close rates for complex deals by up to 50%, without having to build a bigger prospect pipeline

We're the people your competitors wish you'd never heard about. We help you build trust with your clients and avoid time-wasting sales presentations that educate your clients, while leaving you empty handed. Enjoy the same success as the rest of our clients, by using memorable, engaging presentations that inspire and persuade.

We’re the only company that creates crystal clear, narrative-guided, engaging presentations for people who need to persuasively communicate complex information. Our clients work in complex markets (such as aviation, finance, IT, telecoms or engineering). We help them close more business from their existing sales pipeline and improve their reputation.

If you’re looking for another unimaginative bullet-point ‘slide deck’, we're not the people for you. 


01. The power of narrative

In a study of 6,000 sales reps, the Harvard Business Review concluded that the ‘challengers’ were the top performers. Challengers tailor their narrative and use engaging presentations in educative and insightful conversations as part of building client relationships.

We help you do just that and be the best for your client. When you work with us you're working with experts who understand how to engage an audience and have them remember your message.

We've researched the academic papers addressing how the human brain processes and remembers information, so you don't have to. Save yourself the time and reap the reward.

(Harvard Business Review: ‘Selling is not about relationships’ by M. Dixon and B. Adamson).


02. Creating your presentation

Your engaging presentation does more than deliver your message: it establishes you as the 'go-to' expert in your field and raises your professional profile.

With a careful balance of meticulous drafting and exceptional script writing, we produce a winning blend of words and graphics that make up and engaging presentation. This helps you generate a conversation that adds value to your client relationship and enhances your expert status.


03. Polishing your performance

We ensure our clients know how to deliver their engaging presentations for maximum effect. In addition to the presentation itself, you’ll also get our unique ‘click-point’ script and a narrated video to use when you rehearse.

Your performance will be a balanced and congruent combination of what your audience sees and what they hear. The synchronization between the two is central to having your audience remain engaged and your message remembered.

We've been helping people like you with creative presentation ideas for more than 15 years - ask us how we've helped some of our other clients. We'd love to tell you the story, and have you be part of it.


Present Right Now:


Presentation Training Reinvented

We run presentation training courses in addition to creating crystal clear, memorable and engaging presentations themselves.

Here’s a quick summary of our flagship course:

Present Right Now is for people who want to both create and deliver better presentations. It’s very different from other training courses, in that you have the opportunity to create your own presentations for immediate use in your work environment – either at internal meetings or with your own clients.

So far as training is concerned, nothing beats immediate application and Present Right Now delivers exactly that.

Are we a good fit for each other?

Our clients want the complex made simple

Our clients share a common theme of complexity: either they have a complex message to communicate, or they operate in a complex market. They come to us for engaging presentations that make the complex simple. If your world is complex, the chances are we can help you simplify it. 

We help clients across a range of sectors, for example transport, chemical, logistics, finance, business consulting, legal, property development, IT and communications, manufacturing.

Clients typical seek helps with sales or marketing presentations, for example proposal presentations or website downloads. We're also asked to help with executive briefings, presentations to investors and internal kick-off meetings.    


Client Stories

How our engaging presentations have helped people like you get better results