Vanilla Films | Client Case Study

A structured message allows enthusiasm to shine...


The production company Vanilla Films was shortlisted for a prestigious public sector contract, along with six key competitors.

Managing director Karen Benveniste knew that a formal presentation would be required to demonstrate the necessary flair and versatility of talent to win the contract. Previously, the company had relied upon reasonably informal meetings with clients or straightforward recommendations to secure new business.

With only one day to prepare their proposal, the pressure was on to adopt an unfamiliar approach that would naturally and credibly convey the team’s artistic vision, professionalism and passion for the project.


Active Presence gave us the confidence to present in a more powerful, dramatic and natural way. This definitely contributed to us winning the business and we’ll be using the presentation techniques again in the future
— Karen Benveniste, Managing Director


After attending a seminar run by Chris, Karen - along with Producer Gabby Koppel - used their pocket guide copy of Successful Speaking Secrets Quick Reference to formally plan their 10 minute presentation.

Given the time constraints, the book’s easy-to-follow model on Presentation Structure was particularly useful. They had confidence in the structure, which suggested an engaging opening with a powerful call to action as the finale.

In between, they wanted the pitch to include examples from three of their existing films. Clips helped to create a backdrop of projects and prompted stories about people they had previously worked, all of which managed to generate sufficient authority.


  • Vanilla Films won the prestigious contract
  • Having secured the contract, a permanent change was made in how Vanilla Films now bids for new business
  • Increased team confidence allowed a sharp focus on the topic while conveying real passion and professionalism