Present Right Now

This course is ideal for busy professionals who have to prepare and present their own materials. The dual objectives are to improve your productivity and enhance your reputation.

Present Right Now is very different from other training courses, in that you have the opportunity to create your own presentations for immediate use in your work environment – either at internal meetings or with your own clients.

The course can be accessed from all time zones and locations – home or workplace. The communication strategy employed comprises three activity streams, ensuring all learning modes are addressed.

Study stream

This stream is delivered via an online learning management system. It comprises streamed videos, file downloads and online tests. The material illustrates the practical application of academic research into how we process and remember information.

Application stream

Access to this stream is restricted to those who successfully complete the modules delivered via the learning management system. The application stream is delivered by group video-conference and the focus is with your own presentation materials under the guidance of the conference leader.

Support stream

The support stream is also delivered via video-conference. This stream is wider ranging than the application stream and addresses all aspects of communication strategy.

Optional modules

Present Right Now also has a number of optional modules for those clients seeking 1-2-1 support or delivery using in-house conference facilities. If these apply to you, or you have some other questions, get in touch using the details at the foot of this page

Present Right Now
A step function change in preparing and delivering presentations