Present Right Now

If you want to deliver engaging presentations and are a busy professional who has to prepare their own materials, then Present Right Now is the program for you.

Meetings that memorably present vital information, engage all the participants, and favourably dispose them to your point of view are flat out the most important meetings going on in your business today.

Present Right Now is very different from other training courses: you both improve your skills and create a new presentation for immediate use in your work environment – either at internal meetings or with your own clients.

The 'Number One' persuasive communication tool is a seriously good presentation - one that speaks to the needs of the participants, answers their questions, allays their fears and captures their hearts.  Present Right Now teaches you how to build seriously good presentations - and we both 'hold your hand' and 'look over your shoulder' as you build your own, through our unique Guided Creation approach.

Consider how valuable and influential you and your team members will become when you have the skills to create and deliver memorable, engaging presentations. That's what Present Right Now is all about.

A cracking presentation is a combination of excellent copywriting, graphic design,  buying psychology and persuasion techniques. We'll teach you a system for drawing together these four elements, so you can create and deliver fantastic presentations. The Present Right Now program teaches you:

  • Techniques for engaging audiences
  • Techniques for improving self confidence
  • How to avoid the common mistakes made by many business presenters
  • How to make your presentations memorable
  • Simple stage skills that will help you better control meetings 
Many corporate presentations miss the mark because the focus is on the mechanics of creating slides, instead of creating a memorable message and delivering it in an engaging manner.

It's this vital truth that lies at the heart of Present Right Now. The course can be accessed from all time zones and locations – home or workplace.

A step function change in preparing and delivering presentations

Here's how you'll benefit

In early 2017 we conducted a survey of over 4,000 business professionals, asking them to name their top two challenges with  regard to presentations. The winner, by a country mile was:


We've been perfecting techniques for creating memorable and engaging presentations since 2002 - because we know that engaged audiences remember more and take more action.

1. Engagement and Recall

Our own observations support formal research - many common presentation design practices actively conspire against the audience remembering your message. And if they can't remember what you said, they're not going to act on it.

Present Right Now fixes this problem. Participants are taught the only presentation structure they'll need for the rest of their career - a structure that guarantees people will remember the key message.

2. Consistency

Delivering consistent messages is an important and oft neglected aspect of presentation design and creation. As companies develop their offerings, recruit new people and expand to new markets, their messages naturally become more verbose and lacking in their original precision. Although new people bring fresh ideas and like to explain information in their own way, there is a significant downside. 

The danger is that diffuse messages are difficult for clients and colleagues to remember. The early modules of Present Right Now address this very point.

When your entire department is delivering the same messages, consistently, day in and day out, you develop greater traction with your stakeholders. 

If you're in any doubt about this, study successful politicians; they are masters at delivering the same message time after time after time. It really does help make the message stick.

3. Three Presentations in One

Information frequently needs delivering at varying levels of detail - from a high-level executive overview to a detailed, divisional level analysis. This is typically addressed by people creating different presentations for different audiences. There are two dangers with this approach:

  1. It's extremely wasteful of time and effort. That waste is rarely quantified and if it were, companies would be shocked at the inefficiencies they're supporting.
  2. It's difficult to keep the multiple presentations consistent with one another. As a result the central important message is  potentially critically diluted (see point 2 above).

Present Right Now participants are taught how to produce a single presentation that can easily be used to address the needs of different audiences at different levels of detail. For example:

  1. A single overview slide to support a 10 minute executive overview
  2. Particular slides selected to answer the needs of a special interest group, such as finance, or IT
  3. The entire presentation for circumstances such as a formal review board  

The point to stress is that all this can be achieved with a single presentation - one that satisfies all audiences and ensures that each  receives the same consistent message, to the appropriate level of detail.

4. Improved Confidence and Personal Delivery Skills

Being heard and understood is a prerequisite to becoming a confident presenter. Participants learn simple techniques for improving their confidence and ensuring they produce an authoritative voice that reaches the back of the room.

Present Right Now teaches you better presentation skills and helps you create presentations that are immediately relevant to your everyday work. This helps you develop new habits and make a permanent improvement in your personal skill set.