Complex Sales Simplified

You'll find Complex Sales Simplified invaluable if you're involved in the selling of complex B2B products or services. The guide introduces the unique 3C Engagement Model, refined over 15 years and corroborated with a survey of over 4000 professionals.

You’ll discover presentation secrets that can boost your close rates by up to 50% in little more than a month. The guide explains why sales presentations matter more than you might think and highlights the two ways in which a good sales presentation can make a massive difference to your ability to influence people.

You'll also be able to read about the nine rules for creating sales presentations that boost your close rates and conversely the three big mistakes many sales professionals make them negatively impact their ability to win new business.

In addition to an explanation of the only presentation structure you'll ever need in your career you can find a unique 20 point pre-flight checklist you can use to verify that your sales presentation really is good to go.