iROI Strategie | Client Case Study

Speaking the customer's language lands a big training contract...


iROI is an internet SEO and marketing company, based in Germany. Managing director, Sanjay Sauldie, is an expert on the issue of internet marketing and well-known as a speaker on the European conference circuit.

In a bid to communicate his complex, technical message to business audiences in a way that was neither simplistic nor patronising, Sanjay developed a set of PowerPoint slides that dutifully detailed his company’s entire logic and approach.

It was too much. The presentation required at least a 1 ½ hour speaking slot, so he was immediately missing out on opportunities to present his case in a much smaller slot.

I had more than 60 PowerPoint slides when I went to see Chris Davidson. By the time he had worked his magic, I had seven. Our business volumes have gone up by 30% and our turnover has doubled
— Sanjay Sauldie, Managing Director



This was a clear case of ‘less is more’. Chris and Sanjay worked together on the presentation, spending sufficient time realising what exactly the offer was to potential clients.

Seven distinct steps were identified, for which each had a single PowerPoint slide. All other slides were discarded, as they simply did not ‘add value’ to Sanjay’s newly defined key sales messages.

An important part of the approach was to demonstrate how an engaging expert does not need a vast amount of graphic support. Differentiated from the script, graphics can confuse the audience and hamper their comprehension.


  • A shorter slide set gave Sanjay the flexibility to meet varying needs of conference organisers
  • Doors opened in terms of the speaking engagements Sanjay could accept, which helped to expand his potential client base
  • The concise clarity of Sanjay’s new presentation increased his conversion ratio dramatically - business grew by 30%