Complex Sales Simplified

Complex Sales Simplified is a unique 20 page guide containing presentation secrets that can boost your close rates by up to 50% in little more than a month. It contains a 20 point sales presentation checklist, a detailed description of the only presentation structure you’ll ever need and 9 rules for making close rates boosting sales presentations. It also contains instructions for how to access our unique free presentation benchmarking tool.

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Presentation Benchmark Tool

The Presentation Benchmark Tool is an easy-to-use spreadsheet comprising 20 ‘yes/no’ questions. It takes a couple of minutes to complete and delivers a numerical effectiveness rating for your sales presentation. Depending on your effectiveness rating the tool also suggests steps you can take to improve your sales presentation. The tool is the product of many years research and experience, and offers both a powerful and time effective way of benchmarking your existing presentation.

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Sales Booster Kit

The Sales Booster Kit comprises three components. It unites our unique Presentation Benchmark tool and Complex Sales Simplified guide with a set of Implementation Notes. The notes act as link between the tool and the guide, explaining how to best use the guide based on your responses to the benchmark tool. The Sales Booster Kit gives you everything you need to measure your existing sales presentations and start taking some immediate actions to improve them. The kit is a time saving and quality enhancing boon for any sales team.

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Presentation Video Audit

The Presentation Video Audit is ideal for busy business people who feel they’d benefit from an expert third party assessment of their presentation. It’s also an excellent service for organisations that aren’t yet Active Presence clients: the audit provides a valuable service for a modest investment. The output from the audit is a video analysis of your presentation material (slides, presenter notes, etc.), suggesting where improvements can be made. The video is an excellent basis for making DIY presentation improvements, as well as briefing internal staff responsible for presentation production.

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Present Right Now

Present Right Now is the ideal program for the increasing number of busy professionals responsible for preparing their own presentations. Present Right Now is designed to fill the gap created by many companies that are cutting back on support personnel for their managers and professional staff. With Present Right Now you get to work on your own presentations throughout the duration of the program. You get to make materials that are of immediate relevance and use to you and your colleagues.

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4in1 Presentation Performance Package

The 4in1 Presentation Performance Package takes the presentation-problem off your desk. We do the heavy lifting – you get the benefit. The Package delivers a beautiful, highly memorable and engaging presentation. It comes complete with one of our unique segue scripts and a narrated screen-shot rehearsal video. We also provide stage craft coaching, so you can be fully confident of your abilities when delivering your new presentations. The 4in1 Presentation Performance Package is the ideal turn-key solution when you’re pressed for time and need the best possible quality.

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1-2-1 Coaching with Chris

Chris Davidson founded Active Presence in 2002. He’s a recognised expert in workplace communication, with several books to his name and numerous media appearances. Chris reserves a small number of hours each month to help clients in 1-2-1 video-enabled sessions. You get to set the agenda and Chris adds his experiences from Active Presence (and prior to that, the IT, aviation and telecommunications sectors). Clients use these sessions to discuss professionally confidential matters and also to directly use Chris’ skills – for example, in writing executive summaries for important proposals.

If you’d like more information, or would like to schedule some time with Chris, send him an email directly via 

3C Methodology Transfer

The 3C Methodology Transfer program is designed for large organisations with significant internal presentation production services. As part of the syllabus we transfer our methodology to your staff and support them in their early application of it. Within the program, we have also created roll-out agenda for clients, including ‘teach-the-teacher’ packages. Although our methodology is consistent and well understood, transferring it into another domain requires flexibility. For this reason, each Methodology Transfer program is heavily customised to the client’s organisation and intended use.

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