Presentation Benchmark Tool

This tool will save you a ton of time – your most precious asset. Ineffective sales presentations do more harm than just waste time. They also lose you sales and damage your reputation.

Far too many presentations are edited copies of ones used previously. Imagine wearing a business suit that's been in and out of the tailors a zillion times for various alterations, relining, new pockets, etc. At some point it fails to do its job, which is to present you looking your best. So too with sales presentations – they have a specific job to do. You can't go on rehashing the same old slides, force fitting them into a sales campaign for which they're not really suited.

An Active Presence we conducted a survey of over 4,000 professionals to find out the biggest challenge people faced in making presentations. Maintaining engagement came top of the list, by considerable margin. Translated into a sales environment, a good sales presentation can be hugely beneficial in maintaining engagement and in improving rapport. Disengaged prospects quickly degrade a sales campaign into a war of ‘features versus price’ – the last place any sales professional wants to be.

The Presentation Benchmark Tool is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It takes just a couple of minutes to answer 20 ‘Yes/No’ questions and get a numerical effectiveness rating for your presentation. Action steps customised to your effectiveness rating also suggest actions you can take to improve your rating.

Download your copy of the tool right now and discover your presentations effectiveness rating within a few minutes.