Virgin Trains | Client Case Study

Media training helps staff integrate positively into local communities...

The Maximising Media Interaction workshop gives you the skills to deal with the media confidently and present yourself in a clear, coherent manner
— Garry Iddon, Virgin Trains


  • Staff better equipped to positively handle local media enquiries and questions
  • A repeatedly consistent message has helped convey staff professionalism and enhance both the West Coast Main Line and broader Virgin Trains brand 


Virgin Trains operate a sizeable marketing and media machine, centralised and led by HQ. Communications Director Arthur Leathley was keen, however, to develop a dual layer of local media involvement for staff specifically working on the West Coast Main Line (WCML).

As well as relieving some central pressure, differentiating some media interaction to those definitively working along the WCML route could better connect staff with the local businesses and communities that Virgin Trains serves.

With a particular focus on local press and radio, Arthur wanted WCML staff to be sufficiently trained in interview techniques, enabling them to integrate positively and confidently across different media platforms.


This project was completely tailored for the very specific requirements of Virgin and their West Coast Main Line staff. Chris collaborated with staff to construct honest, industry specific background stories. These offered real-life experience, ready to be drawn-on repeatedly during interviews with the local press.

Staff then practised portraying these messages during live role-play interviews - conducted by professional journalists - which helped them gain valuable experience in handling tough questions on the spot. The interviews were recorded for individual post programme review, allowing staff to look over their personal performance and pinpoint any areas for improvement.