Surfachem | Client Case Study

New slides help to deliver a memorable message and win business...


Surfachem is a leading, independent and global distributor of speciality chemicals. The company distributes an extensive range of chemicals for well-known companies such as Shell, Evonik, Dow, BASF and Proctor & Gamble.

Surfachem is exceptionally proud of the service provided ‘upstream’ to suppliers and ‘downstream’ to distributors and end-users. The company wanted to better communicate how it adds value to this broad range of companies and articulate the key benefit of ‘technical backup’ supplied by specialist staff across its wide ranging distribution network.

Group Chairman Mottie Kessler MBE was keen to promote other companies in the Surfachem group and demonstrate how they all, collaboratively, add this value to the supply chain.


With Chris Davidson’s new presentations we can present ourselves in a tighter and more focused way. Our messages are clearer and more memorable, making our entire group communications much more professional and effective
— Mottie Kessler MBE, Chairman


The project comprised three stages. Initially, Chris consulted with Surfachem staff to produce a clear set of key sales messages that the company wanted to communicate.

These newly defined messages became the input for stage two.  Active Presence creative staff produced two new PowerPoint presentations – one addressing ‘suppliers’ and one addressing ‘customers’ (that is, the upstream and downstream of Surfachem’s position within the overall supply chain).

Following Surfachem approval, stage three involved producing a script for the two presentations, ensuring that the presenters understood how the key messages were synchronised with on-screen animations.


  • The new presentations have been used extensively at industry exhibitions by both supplier-facing and customer-facing staff
  • A repeatedly consistent message has helped Surfachem further build its brand, convey staff professionalism and, crucially, win more business