Grosvenor Estates | Client Case Study

Communication of a consistent message


The building of the high capacity Crossrail network under London created development opportunities for Grosvenor in Mayfair. The subsequent Molton Project took in the area of Mayfair surrounding the new Crossrail station. The development of the station would bring thousands of new visitors into Mayfair and the opportunity for Grosvenor was the construction of a retail environment and associated public realm that would complement the existing local space.

All major property developments attract the attention and interest of many parties, with differing, and sometimes competing, interests. Grosvenor is a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and takes its responsibilities seriously, particularly with regard to public communication.

Grosvenor’s Project Director sought a presentation that he could use for different audiences and in different ways. He wanted to deliver a consistent message, but one that was also tailored to the needs of the specific audience, which might be a diverse as the emergency services, or a local residents’ association.


The new presentation played a vital role in helping the project communicate a consistent message to all interested parties, including those within Grosvenor itself.
— Guy Butler, Project Director, Grosvenor


From a communications perspective the project was quite complex. There was a lot of information that had to be delivered at differing levels of detail to different audiences.

Active Presence started by recording an interview with the Project Director. This gave a firm, reliable base of information on which the project could draw. The resulting project used artwork supplied by the client and integrated this with various mapping applications, so creating a very visual presentation, against which messages at different levels of detail could be presented.

The presentation also used internal links to give the presenter more freedom over which parts of the presentation were shown and in what order. This meant that the same presentation could be used with multiple audiences, ensuring consistency of message content.


  • A highly visual, engaging presentation capable of being used with different audiences.

  • Consistent messages delivered to all interested parties, helping the project delivery a uniform, united story.

  • The segue script ensured the presentation could be delivered by different members of Grosvenor staff and still deliver a consistent message.