Spie Alard | Client Case Study

Powerful PowerPoint slides make it possible to double the workforce...


Spie Alard is a fully accredited Electrical Engineering Contractor. Having acquired a lucrative geographical franchise for a US service (TEGG) that enabled the live testing of industrial electric circuits, the sales potential to organisations that keep their electricity running on a constant basis were huge. Essentially, the service would:

  • Help satisfy any investigating Health & Safety authorities
  • Allow for better deal negotiation with insurance companies

Managing Director, Graham Cooper, was acutely conscious that the company’s ability to sell this excellent service was harnessed by the technically complex nature of the proposed deal. Respectfully, highly skilled electrical engineers do not always make the most natural sales people. The solution needed to be communicated in a way that was very human and made real business sense.



Our new TEGG PowerPoint presentation has really helped boost sales and set a suitable standard for our newly expanded sales team
— Graham Cooper, Managing Director


Chris worked with Alard to create a sales presentation that would be true to the complex information and concepts of the TEGG Service, yet innovative and creative in terms of approach and delivery.

In a comprehensive three-stage consultation process, the starting point was: “Why should anyone do business with you?” The answers to this question became a set of well-defined, tightly crafted sales messages.

Chris then created a unique PowerPoint presentation, with all content pointing towards an agreed customer benefit. Finally, following Alard approval, Chris wrote a script for the new presentation and moved on to acute performance coaching. The sales force became experts at delivering the presentation, able to create a seamlessly integrated and memorable performance.



  • Spie Alard doubled their sales force, maximally optimising the new presentation
  • Increased confidence helped the sales force to focus on key benefits rather than features 
  • The benefits-driven script allowed the technically savvy team stay precise while conveying real passion and professionalism