Salegro | Client Case Study

Speaking the customer's language lands a big training contract


Salegro is a sales training and consulting company, based in Germany. Managing director, Heiko van Eckert, faced the task of presenting to the entire European sales force of a key client. The aim was to sell a unified seven-stage sales process, to be adopted by all European subsidiaries.

As the only common language was English, two key challenges became obvious:

  • Heiko would not be presenting in his native language
  • The audience would not be listening in their native language

To have the audience fully grasp new concepts in this mixed language milieu, Heiko would not only have to communicate fluently but fundamentally sell the benefits of a shared process approach.

Active Presence helped me prepare a critical presentation to the European sales force of one of our key clients. As a result of that presentation we’ve conducted more than 200,000 Euro worth of sales training
— Heiko van Eckert, Managing Director


Heiko’s client was an engineering company that manufactured complex filtration equipment. Chris worked with Heiko to create a presentation which likened his new seven-stage sales process to a seven-stage filtration process, a concept that the audience could immediately relate to. The nature of this project demanded a wholly customised approach.

A new communication channel was opened in the form of a giant prop. A mock-up of an imaginary seven-stage filter, made exactly like those manufactured by the client, was created for Heiko to take on stage during his sales presentation.

This striking, innovative communication channel could leapfrog the language barrier and be skilfully relevant to the audience as a whole. The new process could not only be followed but fully comprehended.


  • The ‘seven stage filter’ was a big success. The prop helped overcome any language barriers and illustrated the sense behind Heiko’s new sales process
  • Heiko was applauded by the client’s senior management for “speaking their language”
  • As a result of the presentation, Salegro was awarded the contract to implement the new sales process on a pan-European basis