The importance of communication: our clients tell their stories

By embracing the importance of communication within their organisations, our clients have achieved some oustanding results. Here're some of their stories and comments

We love working with people who realise the importance of communication in today’s world. As the 21st Century unfolds it’s becoming harder and harder to get noticed and have your message heard above the ever increasing background noise. We’ve been helping clients solve this problem since 2002 and we’re proud to share some of their success stories and comments with you.


Active Presence helped me prepare a critical presentation to the European sales force of one of our key clients. As a result of that presentation we’ve conducted more than 200,000 Euro worth of sales training

New Mind Tell Us

Illuminating and inspirational. Practical, with direct relevance – tools and techniques which seem achievable immediately
— Richard Anderson

Bank of England

Excellent advice on how to make high impact
— Neil Ashbridge

Grosvenor Estates

The new presentation played a vital role in helping the project communicate a consistent message to all interested parties, including those within Grosvenor itself

Rococo Chocolates

Ernst & Young

Thought provoking, analytical, makes you realise that none of the great speakers are born – you really need to work at it
— CHANTAL COADY OBE, Managing Director
Refreshing and positive approach – gave me the confidence to improve my style
— Jan Gregory, Partner

iROI Strategie

I had more than 60 PowerPoint slides when I went to see Chris Davidson. By the time he had worked his magic, I had seven. Our business volumes have gone up by 30% and our turnover has doubled

Virgin Trains

Excellent balance of theory and practical. Good opportunity to learn in an open and unintimidating environment
— Philippa Richardson

Virgin Trains

Very interactive - learnt a lot - good pace. Something for everyone and not dependent on previous experience
— Malcolm Cotterell

Virgin Trains

Very practical, hands on approach to improving your performance. A good few sensible exercises that really worked
— Steve Edge-Robinson

Very interactive and gives you a good understanding of the skills needed – thorough and enjoyable
— Chris Walton
A fast-track way to better presenting and some fantastic tips to deal with your demons
— Anita Walczak


Active Presence improved the close rates of Mercer’s USA sales teams by 25%-50%
— John Read, Senior Partner

If you are engaged in this sort of activity, this training is an absolute must
— Nick Chadwick
It couldn’t have been better. This has filled a huge gap (chasm) in my knowledge
— Carolyn Crook

A great way of learning effective strategies and gaining confidence to go out and put theory into practice
— Louise Convery
You missed a great workshop! It gives you a whole new perspective on meetings and presentations
— Sanjay Kapour

Bibby Financial Services

Thought provoking – liberating – removing your own barriers
— Helen Wheeler, Managing Director

It was like being shown a very easy and simple way of presenting, which had never occurred to me
— Kirsty Neely, Operations Manager
Makes you approach presentations/speaking completely differently
— Melanie Ince, Head of Operations

Dell EMC

Really eye-opening regarding the extent to which we are conditioned to use poor presentation techniques. Time to unlearn what you think you know and start again (almost!)
— James Dawson

“It will change the way you work – paradigm shift in your mind in a very practical way
— Hans Krebs
I should have attended 10 years ago!
— Niels Astor

Spie Alard

Our new TEGG PowerPoint presentation has really helped boost sales and set a suitable standard for our newly expanded sales team

If you speak in public or deliver any type of presentation – invest 3 hours with Chris and you will do it MUCH better
— David Kinnaird, Avanta Management Services Ltd
The most useful and informative session for business people at the conference
— Antony Humphreys, Delphi


With Chris Davidson’s new presentations we can present ourselves in a tighter and more focused way. Our messages are clearer and more memorable, making our entire group communications much more professional and effective
— Mottie Kessler MBE, Chairman

Great instruction, including (unlike many courses) things you can put into action right away
— Kevin Buchanan
Finally, a course about excellence in communicating. Very inspirational and a very good speaker
— Richard Howell

Vanilla Films

Active Presence gave us the confidence to present in a more powerful, dramatic and natural way. This definitely contributed to us winning the business and we’ll be using the presentation techniques again in the future