Speakers Digital Footprint Survey 2018

A detailed assessment of 600 speakers' websites, in 11 countries, across 3 continents

The survey was first published last year on a European basis and has been significantly expanded for 2018. The survey provides an objective assessment of the capacity of the speaking sector to full engage with opportunities provided by 21st Century online marketing and social media.

The survey will be formally launched at the Global Speakers Summit in Auckland, in February 2018.


With Google celebrating its 20th birthday this year, having an online presence has never been more important in the bid to be successful. However, just being online is not enough. Ensuring that your online presence is as effective as possible will help you to be better equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities of being online in the 21st Century. 

Active Presence sponsors the Worldwide Speakers' Digital Footprint Survey, covering 600 websites in 11 countries and across 3 continents. The survey assessed websites on their implementation of several key metrics, including HTTPS, Responsiveness, FB and Twitter pixels, Google Analytics, and how sites make use of their blogs. 

The results suggest that the speaking sector has a long way to travel and that speakers need to significantly invest in their online environment, if they want to be fit for the future.  

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