Effective Powerpoint Presentations


Delivering Memorable PowerPoint

Chris Davidson’s help in preparing a critical presentation to one of our key clients was instrumental in us winning a contract for more than €200,000
— Heiko van Eckert, Salegro


  • People remember you and your message long after they've forgotten other presenters - you become the default person they call
  • You will be more confident on stage and better able to build persuasive arguments
  • Your new presentation will help you improve your sales conversion ratio and win more business
  • You will have a clearer view of your company's unique sales messages and be able to communicate them more consistently




A successful presentation is one that’s remembered and leads to action. Delivering Memorable PowerPoint makes sure you’re remembered by combining the three essential elements of a winning presentation into one comprehensive programme. 

The three essential outputs from Delivering Memorable PowerPoint are: 


  • A new set of PowerPoint slides
  • A segue-script that unites you with your new slides
  • An on-stage coaching session that teaches you how to deliver your new slides for maximum impact

Multiple research programmes have shown that being remembered takes more than a slide deck, no matter how well designed. Slides should illustrate and support your message, more than advertise the capabilities of the designer.


So what is your message?
This is a good place to start and one frequently bypassed by many presenters in their eagerness to either open PowerPoint (and sadly start typing bullet-point lists), or commission a designer to produce artwork that looks good but under-pins little.

Delivering Memorable PowerPoint starts with us working closely with you to clearly identify the key messages you want your audience to remember and the action you want them to take. Although many organisations may believe they have these messages clearly identified our experience is that over time they become diluted and confused and this is reflected in their corporate communications.

We have a clear message – can you just make some new slides?
Sure, we’d be delighted to – but you might want to bear the following in mind before engaging us to do that. No matter the strength of their visual merit, new PowerPoint slides will not solve all of your presentation problems. This is the case simply because your slides should only convey part of your message – the remainder lying in the script and delivered by you. The design-oriented debate of what constitutes ‘good PowerPoint design’ merely scratches the surface of a much deeper problem.

Business presentations are performances. Presenting your work to an audience requires you to perform. While PowerPoint slides should unquestionably contribute to your presentation, the fact remains that they must be presented. You need to present your case. Make your argument. Engage your audience. Win them over to your point of view. To do this, you need to perform. 

You need to be the vehicle through which the audience can make real sense of your message.

Slides alone – no matter how ‘good’ – will not do this for you.

So what constitutes ‘good’ slides?
More often than not, slides that are loaded with bullet-point lists and littered with unimaginative corporate graphics illustrate the lack of a tightly crafted sales case. Most business presentations are dull because (at best) they partially convey messages that are insufficiently developed. Educating the audience for 50 minutes on the weight and worth of your business provides no rational sales case and no demonstrable customer benefits. Yet so many businesses develop ‘sales’ presentations that do precisely this.

Good slides are those that illustrate the message. And the message lies in the script.

Why is a script so important?
It is almost impossible to squeeze a good performance out of a bad script. The realisation that many PowerPoint presentations are delivered with no script at all goes a long way to explaining why slides so often linger as a prompt for limp business presenters. Doubtless, you will have witnessed this first hand:  a presenter clicking to a new data sodden slide, which the audience quickly scan through, before having to wait for the speaker to catch up. The result? The presenter is ignored and key messages – if there were any – are forgotten.

Before you can even think about PowerPoint presentations and presentation design, you need to have very clear, concise answers to the following questions: 

  • What are your key sales messages?  
  • How does your offering fit your customer’s needs? 
  • Why should your customer buy from you, now, ahead of your competitors?

Having decided on a solid set of answers to these core questions, work can begin on building a performance that balances message delivery between effective PowerPoint slides supporting a benefits-driven script. The two should coexist. They should be developed side-by-side. A change in one leads naturally to a change in the other.

It is important to comprehend the intangible nature of your script in this early part of the process. You need to know exactly what happens as you click through your presentation and you need to know exactly what to say and when. 

Effective PowerPoint presentations are well-planned and there is no way around the fact that this takes time. Rooting your presentation with a dynamic script will lead you toward the ultimate goal as a presenter: the ability to deliver an integrated performance. Once you’ve seen the results, all of the preparatory work will be measurably worth the effort.


Method: The Delivering Memorable PowerPoint programme comprises three stages:


  1. Consulting: We work with you to create a set of well-defined, tightly crafted sales messages
  2. Design: We produce a combined PowerPoint slide set and 'click-script', designed to sell your message and be highly memorable
  3. Performance Coaching: We coach you in delivering a seamless, integrated, memorable performance

Post-programme support: View your coaching video online as a registered user of our YouRecall service. Customised options include a full video edit and supporting documentation, used for message reinforcement or wider e-learning roll-out plans. The duration of access is flexible.