Powerful Questions for Facilitators 


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As clients demand a more inclusive and participative approach from their suppliers, workshops play a more significant role in the creative and data capture stages of projects. Facilitation skills and the ‘facilitator’ role have flourished as businesses discover the benefit of having a neutral third party to oversee and improve meetings.

Knowing how to facilitate a workshop is a critical ‘success tool’, particularly in the development of technically complex systems. Clients no longer expect a single company to deliver an entire project and consequently multi-agency workshops are becoming more common.

‘Powerful Questions for Facilitators’ is part of our free advice library. Inside, we unpick the hybrid function of facilitation, listing questions that might be useful in realising how to run an effective meeting and keep big projects on track.

Initially, the guide defines facilitation – what facilitators do (and don’t do), team and group dynamics, defining the core practices, questioning techniques and the importance of wording, for example. Reference is also made to the common uses of facilitation skills, along with sample template agendas.

In short, this free advice will help you:

  • Focus on the critical issues that need communicating
  • Persuade people to your point of view
  • Communicate better as a team
  •  Finish your projects on-time and within-budget