Media Skills Training


Maximising Media Interaction

Gives you the skills to deal with the media confidently and present yourself in a clear, coherent manner
— Garry Iddon, Virgin Trains


  • Learn the power of good editorial versus advertising
  • Blend newsworthy content with access, viewpoint and timing to generate good content
  • Realise how responding to media requests accurately and rapidly can help you leap-frog your competition
  • Transfer your media-handling skills and techniques to other challenging audiences


Saying “No comment” gives the media carte blanche to print what they like, while giving you little opportunity to respond. Managed professionally and with efficient media skills training, the press, radio and television are exceptional channels for communicating key messages to your target audience. If you don’t engage positively when handling the media in order to maximise this opportunity, your competition probably will.


Maximising Media Interaction is a practical, hands-on, one-day media skills training programme (normally run for 3-5 delegates).

Method: Tailored completely for you, this programme can focus on particular mediums, for example, printed press or local radio, or, particular skills, such as media interview techniques. In any instance, we spend time with you constructing background stories, based on your industry and environment. These stories offer you real-life experience that can be repeatedly drawn-on.

Unlike some media training courses, you’ll learn how journalists work and also come to appreciate the pressures and deadlines under which they do their job. Appreciating the journalist’s perspective on what’s newsworthy will give you the opportunity, when handling the media, to help them present your organisation in a good light.

Practice getting your message across during real interviews, conducted by professional journalists – all of which will be recorded to video for post-programme review. You’ll learn what does (and what doesn’t) interest journalists, as well as gaining valuable media skills training in handling tough questions on the spot.

Post-programme support: View your video content online as a registered user of our YouRecall service. Customised options include a full video edit and supporting documentation, used for message reinforcement or wider e-learning roll-out plans. The duration of access is flexible.