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Chris Davidson

Chris Davidson


The Driving Force Behind High Close Rate Communication

If you have a complex product to sell, or a complex message to communicate, Chris Davidson is the person you need. Chris spent more than 20 years being appalled at how many large companies make a complete dog’s breakfast of communicating how they do what they do. He established Active Presence in 2002 to help people just like you. People who want to do the right thing, but are overwhelmed by all the other things that also need to be done.

Let us do some heavy lifting for you.

Thank you for spending a little over 10 minutes with us already. We invite you to book a 30 minute call with Chris. Discover more about lightening your load and boosting your close rates.

As you see from the testimonials on this page, Chris and his colleagues know their onions. The team has helped large and small companies alike make dramatic improvements in top line revenue, through more engaging, memorable and consistent marketing & sales communications.

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Active Presence helped me prepare a critical presentation to the European sales force of one of our key clients. As a result of that presentation we’ve conducted more than 200,000 Euro worth of sales training

The new presentation played a vital role in helping the project communicate a consistent message to all interested parties, including those within Grosvenor itself

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just use PowerPoint templates?

PowerPoint's templates have more to do with selling licences of PowerPoint than with helping you close more business. Our focus is on engaging your dream audience and having them take action. 

How much of my time do I need to set aside?

Not much. We take work off your desk, not put more on it. Depending on the project, you'll need to set aside 2-3 hours for an initial briefing and another couple of hours review time as the project progresses. 

For what is my team responsible?

Three things.

First, gathering together all the assets we need, for example company logo files, fonts, colours, marketing guidelines, etc.  

Second, attending the initial briefing meeting and making sure that we have access to all the expert knowledge about your business. We need to know who you are, what you offer, and who your dream client/customer is.   

Third, from time to time we may ask you to check on our progress, for example by watching brief progress videos we produce throughout the project. 

What do I get?

That slightly depends on the scope of work. However, you can be sure that you'll get a brand spanking new, integrated presentation. This will comprise our unique segue script aligned with a new set of slides. 

You'll also get a rehearsal and training video, to help with the rollout and maintaining message consistency. All this - including the new presentation materials - is distributed via our learning managing system. This means you also get accurate management reports on the take up of the new materials by your sales force.

We can apply our copy to sales videos too and create tightly scripted marketing videos for your website, designed to complement the new sales materials.

How much does all this cost?

During the discovery process we will pinpoint what we can create to help boost your sales and marketing. At that point we'll provide the investment needed, clearly quoting a fixed figure, along with optional extras for your consideration. 

Most of our projects require a five figure investment. Occasionally we come across smaller projects for clients operating in a very narrow niche that might require a four figure investment.

Your investment will be a fraction of the cost it would take to do all the work yourself. You'll get a better job, quicker and cheaper.

Active Presence improved the close rates of Mercer’s USA sales teams by 25%-50%

I had more than 60 PowerPoint slides when I went to see Chris Davidson. By the time he had worked his magic, I had seven. Our business volumes have gone up by 30% and our turnover has doubled