Chris Davidson’s help in preparing a critical presentation to one of our key clients was instrumental in us winning a contract for more
than €200,000
— Heiko van Eckert, Salegro
PowerPoint Workshop London


  • Create memorable PowerPoint presentations
  • More easily persuade people to your point of view
  • Understand the principles of effective graphics
  • Increase audience recall and attention
  • Learn how to efficiently use PowerPoint
PowerPoint Cook-In

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Date: Friday 22 May 2015

Times: 0930 to 1700 (Lunch & refreshments included)

QEII Conference Centre

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Program Overview

Do you want to create presentations that people really remember, long after you've left the room? Are you a user of PowerPoint who wishes they knew how to use its more advanced features? The PowerPoint Cook-In will help you add that vital missing ingredient to your presentations.

PowerPoint slides are often dashed-off at the last moment, with little thought as to their impact on the audience. All too frequently they're designed to be used as speaker notes, rather than as audience memory aids. There is significant, well validated research showing that audience recall is increased when speakers use effective graphics to support their narrative.

This hands-on workshop will arm you with all the skills and knowledge to 'cook-up' PowerPoint presentations that do you and your performance justice.

Program Details

  1. Are your presentations BORRING enough?
  2. Seven principles of multimedia design
  3. Six methods of influence
  4. How to reach long-term memory
  5. Advanced PowerPoint functions and techniques
  6. Integration with your own material 

1. The BORRING Presentation Model

BORRING is a Registered Trade Mark of Active Presence Limited. It refers to a unique, easy to remember, seven step model for creating engaging and memorable presentations. You will be introduced to the model and shown how to use it.

2. Seven Principles of Multimedia Design

Based on the research by Prof Richard Mayer J Sweller and colleagues, these seven principles will help you design better graphics and documents. Your audience will find it easier to remember your key messages.

Poorly structured and confusing slides lead to many audiences disengaging and the presenter's key message is lost. Successfully incorporating these seven principles into your slides will increase audience attention and recall.

3. Six Methods of Influence

Robert Cialdini's research is incorporated into the BORRING model. This section of the program reprises the six methods of influence and looks at their use in creating presentations. 

4. How to Reach Long-Term Memory

To get your message safely locked into your audience members' long-term memories you need to get it through working memory first. Many presenters fail to achieve this. Understanding how we remember information will help you structure your material in such a way that your audience will find it easier to remember.

A successful presentation is remembered long after the coffee and doughnuts have been digested and forgotten. Make sure yours is one of them. 

5. Advanced PowerPoint Functions and Techniques 

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very powerful business graphics package, the full functionality of which is rarely exploited. This section will show you how you can use PowerPoint to increase audience retention. 

6. Integration with Your Own Material 

In this section of the program you'll work on your own material, introducing the concepts from earlier in the day. Chris Davidson will be on hand to guide you in applying the best of PowerPoint to your own materials.

Technical Notes - Software Versions

Course notes, presentations handouts and other demonstration materials will be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 running in a Microsoft Windows environment.


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