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Your goal as a presenter should be to offer a seamlessly integrated performance. Solid presentation design and forward-planning skills are paramount. These two things make all the difference when it comes to effective PowerPoint presentations.

Slides should offer well-synchronised graphic support to a benefits-driven script. Remember, customers buy on value and emotion rather than features and price. Demonstrate how your offering fits their need and you will stand a better chance of closing the deal.

‘PowerPoint SmartArt’ is part of our free advice library. Inside, we take you through the easy-to-use system that represents a giant leap forward from boring bullet-point slides. Using PowerPoint SmartArt will take you a step further towards creating and delivering visually appealing, memorable sales presentations.

In short, this free advice will help you:

  • Plan, drive and deliver effective PowerPoint presentations
  • Use presentation design to maximise audience engagement
  • Persuade people to your point of view more easily
  • Do a better job with less effort