Presentation Skills Course

Confident Persuasive Presenting

Really eye-opening regarding the extent to which we are ‘conditioned’ to use poor presentation skills. Time to unlearn what you think you know and start again
— James Dawson, EMC


  • Identify the critical issues that need to be communicated 
  • Persuade people to your point of view more easily
  • Improve your public speaking and presentation skills
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Win more business


The poor planning and execution of critical sales presentations lead to the collapse of too many business projects. While public speaking courses may address any initial oratory fears, they cannot alone make amends for inadequate preparation. 


Confident Persuasive Presenting is a public speaking and presentation skills course that helps to deliver a distinct set of key messages that you and your team can take to an audience with real confidence and conviction.

The programme can be delivered in-house or at our dedicated coaching studio. It is available in one or two day formats, normally for a maximum of five delegates.

Method: A pre-programme survey to all delegates allows us to customise the presentation skills course specific to your needs, with a particular focus on your own personal success criteria. 

Each delegate receives a copy of Successful Speaking Secrets Quick Reference, winner of the International Book Awards 2010 (Business Sales category).

Unlike many public speaking courses, Confident Persuasive Presenting is highly participative, a function of the small class size. You will deliver a business-oriented presentation with which you are familiar while receiving individual coaching. This process is filmed for post-programme review.

Exercises include vocal projection and message preparation. Time is also spent looking at presentation structure and how you can demonstrably benefit from developing an engaging opening, including a measurable call-to-action and using stories to both emphasise and humanise key sales points.

Post-programme support: View your coaching footage online as a registered user of our YouRecall service. Customised upgrades include a full video edit with supporting documentation, used for message reinforcement or wider e-learning roll-out plans. The duration of access is flexible.