Breathing Exercises for Presenting



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How many times have you attended a business presentation and been unable either to hear the speaker or properly understand them?

There is no easy way around the fact that, in order to present in public, you are dependent on your voice. Whatever other presentation skills you may have, when it comes to public speaking, a strong and confident voice is essential.

Controlling the expulsion of air from your lungs allows you to use your voice to its full potential. That is to say, public speaking in its most basic sense is about breathing.

This guide is part of our free advice library. It contains the breathing exercises that should form the foundation of all your public speaking performances.

For business presenters, there are two points of concern regarding vocal ability; audiences need to be able both to hear you and understand you. To make your voice more clear and comprehendible, there are four main variables to consider: volume, pitch, pace and articulation.

‘Breathing exercises for Presenting’ discusses each of these in detail, with relevant breathing exercises designed to strengthen your voice.

In short, this free advice will help you:

  • Realise your range and capability
  • Recognise different ways of creating impact
  • Emphasise key points with your voice
  • Punctuate your performance with effective breathing