Speaker Digital Footprint Survey & Building a 21st Century Website

London - Friday 12th April

Workshop Overview

An afternoon jam-packed full of valuable information to boost your online presence and business. Bring an open mind, blank paper and a sharp pencil.

The first part addresses the results from the third edition of the Speakers Digital Footprint Survey. The survey was launched in 2017 at the first European Speakers Convention (Amsterdam). Last year's survey results were presented at the Global Speakers Summit in Auckland.

The Speakers' Digital Footprint Survey, covers 1,000 websites in 11 countries across 3 continents. The survey assesses speakers websites on their implementation of several key metrics and gives you a clear path for making your own website fit for the 21st Century.

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of speakers' websites fall short in many vital areas. The good news is that some of these shortfalls are 'fix and forget' and will help you improve your search engine results. The second part of the afternoon takes a deep dive into the configuration of effective websites and what speakers can do to take advantage of new approaches and technologies to boost their online presence.

The event is being hosted by the Professional Speaking Association - click the button below to register via the Association Eventbrite page:

Eventbrite - PSA Speakers Digital Footprint Survey & Building a 21st Century Speaker Website


“Although I’m a speaker and member of the PSA, I wonder if this session is really for me - would I be better sending my web person?”

The session is designed for you - speakers - members of the PSA. There will be useful ‘take-aways’ for you, regardless of your level of membership. Associates, Professional Members and Fellows will all leave with useful, actionable information.

“Will I leave with a list of things that I can do myself (as a non-techy) - or a list of things that I need to pay my web person to implement?”

You’ll leave with valuable information that will help you better manage your web person. If you have reasonable IT skills, you’ll also be able to implement some of the recommendations yourself. There will be some recommendations that all speakers ought to be able to implement straight away (for example, how to make better use of your blog). Likewise, the implementation of some other suggestions will require additional planning on your part, followed most probably by appointing a sub-contractor.

Follow-on PSA Event - Next Day

The Association’s London Region is holding its regular monthly event on Saturday 13 April, the day following the workshop. You can therefore attend two PSA events with a one night stay in London.


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