Chris Davidson award-winning author and inspirational speaker

Meeting planners: Make your next event one to remember by booking Chris Davidson

We really do understand how busy meeting planners get. Our objective is to make your life easier - here's how we go about that:

1. Chris will "WOW" your audience 

Chris will work with you to understand the audience's requirements. Chris will always have a planning meeting with you. We have a strong preference for directly surveying audiences prior to events, although we accept this isn't always possible or practical. We monitor the effectiveness of our client relationships and can supply reference clients who would be happy to speak to you directly. 

2. Flexibility 

We know how crazy things get back stage. Schedules change. Stuff happens! We get that. Chris is adept at rolling with the punches and will be super-flexible in terms of helping you get a great evaluation for your event. 

3. Absolute reliability 

We get it. We expect it from others and deliver it ourselves. Once booked, you can count on Chris to be there as scheduled. We arrange travel with backup options in mind and always arrive early and stay late.

4. Absolute integrity

Ask around - we know you will anyway. People will tell you that Chris is one of the most reliable and straight people they know. We understand that the meetings industry is very well networked. We know you all talk. Chris has an excellent reputation and works to protect it. 

5. Chris will make you look good

We'll go beyond Chris doing a great job on stage. As noted above, Chris likes to arrive early and stay late. Chris is happy to use that time interacting with delegates, making sure that your event is seen in the best possible light. In the planning stages, Chris is happy to provide advice on structure and timing if that would be useful.  

6. Quick response 

We understand that you need a quick response. We organise our office to be able to provide that. Contacting us by email is often the quickest way of getting in touch.

7. Clear and prompt admin 

We appreciate you're more than likely running multiple projects simultaneously and like keeping admin up to date. Same here. Let's enjoy working together, being neat, tidy and professional, and get everything boxed off in good time. 



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