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Too many business opportunities are lost because of over-complicated and confusing presentations.

Confusing presentations bore audiences by overloading them with information. A presentation that doesn't effectively deliver its message is a waste of your time.

Although slides have to support your spoken message, they need to be carefully designed to minimize the load they place on working memory. 

Designing Presentations That Sell is a modular, online course that will teach you how to get more out of Microsoft PowerPoint. There are options to suit different budgets and learning styles - whether you want to study at your own pace, or have telephone support.

You're able to download copies of the demonstration files, so you have them available as 'starting templates' for future presentations.

You'll improve your productivity and the quality of your presentations. 

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Designing Presentations that Sell - Online
from 47.00

Access to the online course for 7, 30 or 60 days

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Designing Presentations that Sell - Online & Phone
from 227.00

Access the same online course with additional hour of phone support

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