Designing Presentations that Sell

A successful sales presentation is one that’s remembered and leads to action. Unfortunately, such presentations are few and far between in the business environment. With most presenters trapped in the boring cycle of bullet-point slides and irrelevant corporate graphics, business presentations are rarely met with enthusiasm.

But there is a better way. Designing Presentations that Sell is an online learning course created to help you build better, more persuasive and memorable sales presentations. With carefully structured advice, you’ll learn how to get more out of PowerPoint and be in a position to design sales presentations that effectively deliver your key messages.


The online course content is arranged over four key sections. The introduction includes a video and PDF download document. It explores PowerPoint transitions and animations, explains exactly what they are and how to use them. Crucially, however, the introduction to Designing Presentations that Sell clarifies why transitions and animations are important and illustrates how good PowerPoint design can help you close more business at the presentation stage.

The remaining three sections examine Shapes & LinesBar Charts, and SmartArt respectively. These practical examples combine accessible video tutorials with downloadable PowerPoint files for use on your own computer. So, the course effectively has two deliverables: online learning content and takeaway PowerPoint presentation files.


So, if you're used to presenting slides that are bog-standard and full of bullet points (like the one above), Designing Presentations that Sell is the course that will give you the confidence to do things differently. It will encourage you to think of your material in a new way and inspire you to deliver the sort of sales presentations that seem effortless to present. (Remember, those that look truly effortless have often been worked on the most.) The example sections will help you think of a better way to express your presentation sales message and give you the PowerPoint files to work on. Ultimately, Designing Presentations that Sell will help you to create something that your audience will remember.


What you'll get from Designing Presentations that Sell:


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