10 Business Presentation Design Dos and Don'ts

Business presentation design is so often a drab and boring affair. But, believe it or not, you can present concise business messages without numbered slides, bullet point lists and useless introductory waffle about your company.

Follow this simple list of 10 business presentation design dos and don’ts and we can guarantee you’ll see fewer people yawning in your next big sales pitch. You might even close the deal.

Do have a concise sales message to present

Don’t wait until the final slide to tell your audience why they should buy

Do use graphics

Don’t put your logo on every slide – try and brand your presentation more subtly using colour, for example.

Do respect your audience. It is your job to make the presentation be about them, not about you

Don’t use your slides as a prompt – your presentation should look like speaker’s notes on a screen

Do have a script – learn what you can and always keep it conversational

Do use SmartArt (or similar) to present important information in clear, digestible chunks

Do return to important slides to repeat a key message

Don’t number your slides – no one appreciates this

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