Design Principles: Coherence

The fourth in a series of seven

design principle coherence

In this fourth post in a new series, we take a look a closer look the fourth design principle, as researched by Prof RE Mayer, J Sweller et al.

This principle is all about keeping your content relevant. Very simple and very important, yet often overlooked. This principle ensures consistency - making sure that you don't go off on a tangent during your presentation.

Many people believe that the more material they present, the greater the chance that some of it will be remembered. It's the old idea of throwing a whole pile of mud at the wall, in the hope of some of it sticking. Pretty outdated and just as useless. The audience ends up confused and little is remembered. 

By focusing on a key message, your presentation is more likely to be memorable. Relate your supporting material to your key message. You'll more easily convince your audience to your point of view.

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