Reading List: Google to Remove Author Photos in Search

We were quite surprised to hear this week that it is Google’s intention to remove author photos from search results. Just when you’d gone and got a grip of the seemingly globally heralded Google Authorship process too, right?

Reading this “What You Should Know” article from Cyprus Shepard at Moz should help you somewhat in terms of getting the story straight:

“Up until now, if you verified your authorship through Google+ (…) you might have seen your author photo displayed in Google search results. This included both your author photo and your Google circle count.”

Shepard goes on to confirm:

“Going forward, Google plans to only display the author's name in the search snippet, dropping the photo and the circle count.”

What is the lesson here? Authorship is still important. As a business presenter/public speaker, you should still strive to be an expert in your area. Google will reward you for it; they just might not show the world your picture.

Click here to see the post on Moz.

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

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