Reading List: How Colors* Affect Conversion

How much thought do you give to colour in and around your business on a daily basis? Probably not a great deal. This week, however, a KISSmetric infographic caught our eye and made us stop and think about just that.

The chances are that you at least have a set of corporate colours. How are they used? What do they say about you? Are they striking or subtle? What messages do they attempt to convey?

With lots of good linked sources, this short post provides some decent details about the wonderful world of colour,  the psychological influence it has on the human brain and how other businesses have managed to successfully harness its power.

(*We like the infographic so much that we can just about cope with the American spelling. Just.)

Estimated reading time:  2 minutes

Standout quote: "92.6% of people say the visual dimension is the #1 influencing factor affecting their purchase decision (over taste, smell, etc.)."

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How Colors Affect Conversions
Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic

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