INFOGRAPHIC: The Roles & Responsibilities of a Facilitator

Good facilitators can make a huge and varied contribution to an organisation, especially when it comes to running effective business meetings, but what are the key roles and responsibilities?

Well, in order to be a successful facilitator, you need to be very clear a about the difference between content and process.

Content means the subjects being discussed, and the tasks at hand. Content is expressed through the agenda and consumes most of the attention of the participants.

Process on the other hand is the way in which the content is discussed. This should include things such as the style of interaction, the group dynamics and the climate that has been established.

It is the facilitator’s job to manage the process and leave the content to the participants.

Content = What?

The subjects for discussion    
The task    
The problems being solved    
The decisions made    
The agenda terms    
The goals    

Process = How?

The methods and procedures
How relations are maintained
The rules or norms set
The group dynamics
The tools being used
The climate

A good facilitator helps group members define their overall aim, as well as specific objectives and goals. They instruct members on how to assess needs – and create detailed measurable plans to fulfil them.

They emphasise the importance of communicating effectively, and ensure all members know how to do this. Facilitators create a positive environment where employees can work productively and reach shared group goals.

Facilitators help participants to become time effective and high-quality decision makers. They provide feedback to the group, so that they can measure their progress and make adjustments where needed.

A good facilitator manages conflict by implementing a collaborative approach and offers support and advice to members in managing their own personal dynamics.

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