Reading List: Start Before You're Ready

Many public speakers work for themselves. While being self-employed has many clear benefits, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In reality, there is no clear guidance or right path to take – you just sort of figure it out.

In this piece for Entrepreneur, Jaclyn Mullen suggests 3 ways to “start before you’re ready” with any business venture. To newcomers, this advice may seem odd. In a perfect world, you’d want a perfect marketing arsenal ready prior to launch. In the real world, however, you work with what you’ve got. You adapt to situations as and when they arise. You change and grow as you go.

A decade into Active Presence, we think “start before you’re ready” is sound advice. Wherever you’re at with your business plan, Mullen’s piece is well worth a few minutes of your day.    

Estimated Reading Time:  3 minutes

Standout Quote: “It pains me to think about where I would be today had I waited to first create the perfect website.”

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