Reading List: What it Takes to Close More Sales

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a silver bullet that would ensure you closed more sales? Well, it might not be as implausible as you think.

This post for Impact by Rachael Clapp Miller offers 4 guidelines to structure your sales pitch for success. They are ridiculously simple and easy to implement.

Essentially, her guidelines boil down to: considering the audience for context, specifying the clear benefit they will get from closing the deal, showing some social proof from other clients and offering an easy next step.

Sounds doable, doesn’t it? Give it a go.

The post itself is succinct and offers an interesting link through to “The Ultimate Guide to Articulating Differentiation” – a Force Management white paper that is a great deal more impressive than its title suggests.

And, if you really need your hand holding, there is even a dummy script template. You can’t go wrong.

Reading time:  2 minutes

Standout quote: Whether it’s a call, a LinkedIn message or a brief email your initial sales contact should be succinct and impactful.”

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