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Presentation Structure

You want your presentation to be remembered, and you want your audience to take action. Achieving this requires the interaction of several techniques, all of which depend on a solid presentation structure:

  • Your start should immediately awaken the audience's interest. You have about 90 seconds to get them hooked. This is rarely achieved by droning on through the agenda. 
  • Once you have them hooked, you have their implicit permission to present your material.
  • For particular points you want understood, create impact by telling stories - the more personal they are to you, the better.
  • The final thing the audience should hear is your call-to-action ringing in their ears.

There's more useful information below, along with another free download.

Before you start to plan and structure your presentation it is useful to have a goal in mind. Delivering an emotionally inspiring performance can have different success criteria to delivering an effective business presentation. As far as this Smart Sheet is concerned, the success criteria can be defined as a) having the audience remember your key messages, and b) having them take action as a result of listening to you.

The following model for structure is simple and will serve you well for the overwhelming majority of sales presentations: