Facilitation Tools: Wandering Flip Charts

Wandering Flip Charts

'Wandering Flip Charts' is a good way for a large group of people to generate a high volume of ideas, in a short space of time.

This facilitation tool encourages participation by allowing people to discuss ideas in small groups before placing their ideas on flip chart for everyone to see.


  • Place flip charts around the room (or blank sheets of paper on the wall) where everyone can see them - ideas are easily categorised by labelling the sheets.
  • Have participants gather around flip charts that represent a topic they most feel comfortable with. This divides the room into a number of groups and allows people to start in their comfort zone
  • Allocated time to discuss ideas and document them on the flip chart.
  • Move participants to a different flip chart. They can read the previous groups' ideas, before discussing them and adding their own contributions.
  • Repeat the process until all participants have visited all flip charts.

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