PowerPoint Waves Goodbye to Clipart

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Cip Art

Many people were disappointed that the latest update to Microsoft Office excluded the Clip Art library. At Active Presence we weren't so sad to see it go - here's why:

Some people may miss the selection of cheesy illustrations that were once available for their PowerPoint presentations. We've seen many business presentations featuring Clip Art over the years. If you are wondering how you will ever be able to illustrate your slides again then the good news is there are more effective tools available to you in PowerPoint itself.

You will be amazed by what you can achieve with PowerPoint's custom shapes and SmartArt - and the results are usually far better than that achieved with Clip Art. Combined with custom animation, this is the most effective way to illustrate your message. 

Many people are often surprised when they learn that Microsoft Clip Art is in fact copyright protected. So if you have used Clip Art in one of your sales presentations then there's a good chance you've infringed copyright law.

When it comes to imagery, many people don't have an extensive library of photographs or even the budget for stock images. If you are one of those people then the good news is Microsoft's Bing image search has a particularly useful filter feature (see below) that allows you to search for images that are free to use commercially.

Microsoft Bing Commercial use Images PowerPoint Presentations

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