Unique Business Presentation Ideas


After witnessing an effective sales presentation, you’re likely to feel energised, inspired and refreshed. You should feel ready to act, not ready to fall asleep. For this reason, sales presentations have to be much more than facts, information and data. There is an art to presenting the material as well as simply creating it.

Successful sales presentations focus on both content and delivery. Here, we offer 6 unique business presentation ideas that will help you steer clear of sleep-inducing bullet point slides and instead offer your audience something that is unique, engaging and memorable.

Unique Business Presentation Idea #1 Immerse Yourself

Overall, people resonate with the way content is presented. If you present your material half-heartedly, monotone and without much enthusiasm, you are unlikely to generate much interest or ooze credibility among the crowd. Why should people listen to you?

Presenters must breathe life into static slides and be the vehicle through which the presentation makes sense. Yes, you may feel vulnerable but that is ultimately part of the test. Do you really believe in what you are presenting? If you don’t, the audience will likely sniff out the ingenuity.

Pick a stance. Nail your colours to the mast. It’s much easier to present passionately and convincingly when you know exactly what you want to say and have real faith in every word.

Unique Business Presentation Idea #2 Be Conversational

Most audiences are human so don’t be afraid to speak to them as such. There is a tendency, when speaking professionally, to go into ‘business mode’ or ‘corporate speak’ in a bid to sound serious and authoritative. It rarely works.

The fact is people understand conversation; most people spend a considerable part of their lives engaged in conversation. So, there is nothing to be ashamed about using a conversational tone. Presentations are written to be spoken and writing for the ear is different than writing for the eye.

It is much easier than it seems to sound professional when using a conversational tone. (Note: conversational does not mean informal.) Think about it; if people can understand what you’re saying, they’ll likely listen for longer, follow your thread and remember your message. Wherever possible, keep it simple.

Unique Business Presentation Idea #3 Create Handouts

Time and again people complain that their slides simply have to be so complex because of the amount of raw data that it is necessary to convey. Rubbish. While it is quite possible that you need to discuss complex figures, graphs and charts, in-depth data for the most part belongs in a handout.

A presentation handout is not a printed version of your slide deck but a separate document. A presentation handout supports your presentation, adds value to the key messages and conveys complex information in a more appropriate form. For more tips on creating presentation handouts, take a look at our smart sheet.

Unique Business Presentation Idea #4 Be Visual

The best sales presentations are those that combine concise information with carefully chosen visuals. As you will be mostly talking your way through the presentation material, there shouldn’t be a need to have wordy slides. The words are for you to say. Don’t expect people to listen to you and read what you’ve put up on your screen. Your slides should visually complement what you say. Wherever the audience chooses to look (at you or your screen) one unanimous stream of information should be received.

Unique Business Presentation Idea #5 Integrate Animation

Used sensibly, animation can eliminate the chugging sense of moving through a presentation slide by slide or bullet by bullet. The goal should be to make your presentation seem effortless to present. Those that look truly effortless have often been worked on the most. Smart Art is a great way to show you audience some intricate graphics to support you speach. For tips on how to use smart art effectivly, take a look at our Expert Guide. 

Unique Business Presentation Idea #6 Involve Your Audience

Give your audience something to do, keep individual minds active through occasional involvement. If somebody feels they may be caught out by an off the hook question, the chances are they’ll keep listening.

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