VIDEO: Facilitation Skills - Best & Worst Facilitator Practices

Facilitation is about making it easier for groups of people to understand each other’s point of view.

It’s worthwhile knowing what good and bad facilitators do. That way, a) if you’re called on to facilitate a meeting you’ll know what to do and b) if you’re participating in a meeting that’s being facilitated by someone else you’ll be able to spot if they stray off course and lend a helping hand in getting the meeting back onto an even keel.

This video shares some of the good stuff with you and highlights the poor practices you ought to avoid in your own business meeting wherever possible… 

If you'd prefer to see the infographic instead, click here

Knowing how to run an effective meeting and facilitate a workshop are increasingly important skills for both professionals and managers. As clients demand a more inclusive and participative approach from you, good facilitation skills are essential to the success of projects, big and small.

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