Effective Presentation Tips | Free Advice Library 

Our free advice library offers effective presentation tips for business communicators. The library contains a collection of unique material and provides presentation tips in the areas of public speaking, presenting and PowerPoint Presentations. All of the advice is free and offered here for the benefit to your business. (We also post regular presentation tips and advice on the blog, why not pop over sometime?)

Smart Sheets 

Smart Sheets are double-sided PDF documents, packed with effective presentation tips. Although their focus is narrow, each sheet provides a clear, concise foundation to its topic. You are welcome to open and save whichever Smart Sheets appeal to you, no sign-up is necessary.

So far, we have produced presentation tips across nine Smart Sheets: Planning a PresentationWhat is Your Presentation Sales Message?Presentation Preparation TipsHow to Write a PresentationEngaging Your AudiencePresentation Eye ContactMicrophone PresentationsPresentation Handouts and How to Give a Good PresentationWe value your suggestions, so, if there's a specific topic you would like to see featured in a future Smart Sheet, please let us know

Expert Guides

Expert Guides provide effective presentation tips across a multi-page PDF design. Each guide addresses its particular subject in greater detail, with more space than the Smart Sheets can afford. Inside you’ll find presentation tips that will inspire you to confidently make changes in the way you plan, prepare and perform key business presentations, public speaking engagements or meeting facilitation roles. You are welcome to download any Expert Guide with our compliments.

Our most popular guide is PowerPoint Presentation Ideas. Business presentations are notoriously dull: bullet-points, unimaginative corporate graphics and too much information, most of which is irrelevant… But they don’t have to be this way. Our effective presentation tips will help you:

  • Unlock the potential for presentation design within PowerPoint
  • Focus on the critical issues that need communicating
  • Win more business with effective PowerPoint presentations

Once again, we value your ideas, so, if there's an area where you feel you could benefit from some free presentation tips and advice- be it a Smart Sheet, Expert Guide or blog post - please don’t hesitate tcontact us. 


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