Facilitation Tools: Troubleshooting


Have you ever been stopped half way through a project because of an issue that could have avoided? Troubleshooting is a efficient process of identifying potential problems in advance of them happening - so you can develop strategies to minimise the impact they have on your goals.

This facilitation tool is extremely useful when dealing with groups that have a history of not completing their tasks. By identifying potential barriers to success you will enable participants to better follow through on the action plans.

The starting point is the group's completed action plan. Have the group answer the following questions - be prepared to dig deep and allow lots of time:

  •  What aspects of our plan are the most difficult/complex?
  •  What barriers might we encounter?
  •  What resources are likely to impede our plan?
  •  In what ways might members of our team not fulfil their tasks?

Armed with the answers to these questions, the group can develop action plans to overcome each individually.

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