life is a game book
life is a game

Welcome to this special page celebrating the Book Baby Shower for Jan's new 'Life is a game!' adventure. We're glad to have you here and have lined up lots of useful material for you. On this page you can directly access Smart Sheets and Expert Guides on many different aspects of presenting, public speaking and facilitating.

Smart Sheets

Smart Sheets are single page, double-sided PDF files containing condensed information on a range of topics. Feel free to download as many as you like - click on the titles to access each PDF.

planning a presentation free advice
what is your sales presentation message? free advice
presentation preparation tips free advide
how to write a presentation free advice
engaging your audience free advice
presentation eye contact free advice
microphone presentations free advice
presentation handouts free advice
how to give a good presentation free advice

Expert Guides

Expert Guides are multi-page documents that go into more depth than Smart Sheets. They are all available free, for immediate download - click on the titles to gain access.

powerpoint presentation ideas free advice
powerpoint smartart free advice
how to speak well in public free advice
breathing exercizes presenting free advice
powerful questions for facilitators free advice
international english style guide free advice

Blog Categories 

We've divided our blog into specialised categories. Clicking on each category name will take you directly to a series of posts addressing that particular topics.